Our Adjusters

Our adjusters are fully licensed from a diverse background.

Mike Griffith, B.A., (Econ.) CIP, mgriffith@cherriegriffith.com: 613-851-4093

Mike Griffith has been working as a licensed insurance professional for 18 years. Mike has specialized in transportation claims, major construction risks, (including professional liability claims), and environmental clams. He had handled two of the largest property fires in Ottawa’s history ($10 Million Dollar Range), along with acting as control adjuster for specific projects and fleets.

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  • BA in Economics from Dalhousie University in 1991.
  • Certified Insurance Professional from the Insurance Institute of Ontario.
  • Completed the 10 required coursed for the “FCIP” Designation.
  • Various course/certificates – Oil Burner Tech., CAFI, ICPB


  • Mr. Griffith has an extensive and wide range of experience in the adjusting field. The following are examples to demonstrate experience in various areas of adjusting:
  • Control adjuster for multi-national corporations.
  • Transportation – handled major rail derailment claims including large scale environmental losses and cargo claims exposure.
  • Major commercial fires including business interruption exposures and the associates liabilities. (Fires ranging from Shopping Mall Total Losses to Hazardous Material Fires).
  • 15 years experience in handling transportation/trucking losses – (full handle of files including US bodily injury exposure), cargo coverages and environmental claims. He has also acted as control adjuster for fleets of various sizes. Work includes Multiple Unit/Vehicle Pile-ups, and Multiple Fatality Claims.
  • Experience in handling claims in the high Arctic including fire at an airport with property damage to $10 Million Dollars.
  • Construction losses including Builder’s Risk Wrap-Up and CGL coverages. Mike has been appointed as the control adjuster on various projects for hospitals and schools.
  • Completed E&O and D&O investigations including work for Hockey Canada.
  • Specialized in Mould and Building Envelope claims.
  • Control Adjuster for Property Management and Real Estate Companies.Environment hydro carbon site cleanup claims and liability investigations.


“Adjusting claims requires a unique skill set that is a combination of compromise, experience, analytical thought and the ability to communicate with others, but above all it is hard work and dedication to the profession that leads to success.”


Michael Cherrie, B.A., CIP,CFEI mcherrie@cherriegriffith.com: 613-220-7766

Michael Cherrie is an adjuster with 23 years experience in insurance claims adjusting. Michael is a specialist in major bodily injury, transportation, environmental and general liability losses. He also has extensive experience n handling major property losses, both personal and commercial lines. He has gained significant knowledge of the industry and all aspects related to claims management ranging from investigating incidents, identifying cause and origin, interviewing witnesses, substantiating claims and compiling damages and preparing supporting documentation.

Michael was a member of his former employer’s International Catastrophe Team, which specialized in adjusting claims resulting from hurricanes, earthquakes, hailstorms and floods.

Michael also represents many insurers, and self-insureds at mediation proceedings and Small Claims Court Trials.

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  • Honors Bachelor of Social Science from University of Western Ontario (1989)
  • Certificate Insurance Professional from Insurance Institute of Ontario.
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator.

Continuous Training and Education Programs:

  • Basic Adjusters Course.
  • Commercial & Property, Fraud Awareness, Business Interruption and Liability Seminars.
  • Claims Handling Techniques.
  • Advance Property School.
  • Various training programs through IIO, OIAA, CIAA, CAFI, IAAI.
  • C.F.E.I. Course.
  • Appraisal and Mediation Training.

Professional Affiliations and Memberships:

  • Ottawa Insurance Liaison Committee (Director).
  • Canadian Association of Fire Investigators.
  • Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (Past President Ottawa Chapter – OVAA – 2001-2005).
  • Canadian Independent Adjusters Association.
  • Certificate of Training – International Association of Arson Investigators.
  • Canadian Fire and Explosion Investigator Certification.
  • Member of Executive Council for Insurance Institute of Ontario (Ottawa Chapter).
  • Executive Council Member for OIAA (Ottawa Chapter Delegate 2004 to 2007).


  • English, Basic French and Spanish.


Michael Cherrie has extensive experience as an Insurance Claims Adjuster . With over 20 years of experience Michael has successfully negotiated and settled increasingly complex claims containing many intricacies. The following examples are provided to demonstrate experience in these areas:


  • For a major property management firm, adjusted flood losses related to a malfunctioning boiler that caused extensive water damage to commercial and personal property.
  • Numerous floods at both commercial and residential locations involving the quantification and settlement of damages and the investigation of recovery opportunities. These claims involved on-site claims investigation, taking statements, handling coverage questions and putting together settlement packages.
  • As a member of an International Catastrophe Team adjusted a number of catastrophic losses in excess of one million dollars in different countries around the world.


  • For a property management firm, adjusted losses of property resulting from a fire originating from defective electrical systems that totaled over half of a million dollars
  • Handled several total loss fires.

Structural Failures:

  • Adjusted losses related to structural failures of sub-floors alleged to have been improperly installed/designed at the time of the original commercial development.
  • Assessed and investigated damages arising out of improper construction of concrete slabs in a commercial parking facility that led to major structural problems.
  • Investigation of alleged walls not being properly constructed causing significant water damage to condominiums and commercial property.

Environmental Incidents:

  • Hands-on experience in dealing with the aftermath of several major environmental incidents over the years. Adjusted losses related to a berm (water treatment pool) collapsing releasing materials into a stream. Assisted in structuring of the actual costs of cleanup, as well as recording and adjusting third party claims. Ensure appropriate actions were taken, such as soil remediation.
  • Numerous oil contamination incidents at residences caused from oil and fuel tank leaks.

Business Interruption:

  • For an athletic club, adjusted losses resulting from a devastating fire. The business was interrupted for several months because of significant damages to the building and equipment. Assisted on the relocation of the business, conducted extensive financial assessment to determine gross earnings and allocate lost profit compensation. In this case, the fire caused damages to many other businesses co-located in the complex, and adjusted losses associated.
  • Experience in both profits and gross earnings calculations for commercial clients.
  • As a member of CAT Team has handled and settled several catastrophic commercial business interruption claims.

Professional Liability (Errors and Omissions):

  • Investigation of medical malpractice allegations against members of the Ontario Medical Association.
  • Investigation and surveying of alleged damages caused to highly valuable computer components while in transit.

Personal Injury:

  • Investigation of libel and slander involving sexual assault allegations against a daycare operator.
  • Investigation of alleged misconduct of an employee of a Government Department.
  • Investigation of libel and slander against a psychiatrist for questionable conduct.


Bodily injury:

  • Investigation of numerous slip and fall injuries at commercial premises. Michael counts a number of shopping centers as his client, and deals with these types of claims routinely.
  • With respect to bodily injury, Michael has been involved with every type of injury including numerous fatalities, and catastrophic injuries.


Property Damage:

  • For a retailer, adjusted a number of claims related to the malfunctioning parts causing irreversible damage to property and personal assets.
  • Conducted investigations in defense of a multimillion dollar water loss caused as a result of a contractor’s error.

Bodily Injury:

  • Represented a retailer who sold a bicycle with allegedly defective handlebars that resulted in a child sustaining significant head injuries.
  • Represented a pharmaceutical company which sold a drug containing a chemical that allegedly triggered symptoms similar to those of a heart attack when taken in strong does.


  • Conducted extensive work with corporate clients that own fleets of vehicles, including the investigation of third party claims, accident scenes, mechanical failure investigations and warranty situations. In some cases, accidents involving company-owned vehicles have resulted in extensive bodily injury and property damage.
  • Numerous automobile accidents over the span of 20 years resulting in both catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries. The management of these claims involves scene investigation, interviewing investigating officers and witnesses, gathering medical records, and in some cases, assisting in accident reconstruction.
  • Managed as lead adjuster for major insurer dealership program for one of the big four automobile manufacturers.
  • A member of a team of adjusters specializing in trucking losses.
  • A member of a team of adjusters specializing in railway losses.


  • Investigated complex surety losses surrounding appropriation of funds by staff and high level executives.



Bart Beauchamp, CIP Senior Technical Adjuster bbeauchamp@cherriegriffith.com: 613-851-2214

Bart Beauchamp has been working as an independent adjuster for the past 17 years and is fully licensed. He is bilingual and has extensive experience in property, liability, transportation and environmental claims. He was also a control adjuster across Canada for several years for a large international corporation.

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  • Diploma in Business Insurance from Algonquin College – 1994.
  • Certified Insurance Professional from the Insurance Institute of Ontario.

Professional Affiliations:

  • Chartered Insurance Professional Society.
  • Canadian Independent Adjusters Association.
  • Ottawa Valley Adjusters Association.

Continuing Education and Educational Programs:

Certificate Sprinkler Training Technology (sponsored by Tyco Fire & Building Products).Property Claims Training (Industry & Company sponsored).Casualty Claims (Industry & Company sponsored).Many Continuing Education Seminars.

Education Awards:

  • J.A. Farquar Award – Graduating student achieving the highest overall average in the Ottawa Chapter for the Insurance Institute of Canada – 1995.
  • James K. Stansfield Memorial Award – Student achieving the highest overall average in the Insurance Courses at Algonquin College – 1994.


Bart Beauchamp has a wide range of experience in handling claims. The following demonstrates experience in several areas:

  • Was a control adjuster across Canada for a large International company.
  • Handled liability claims and oil spills for large oil companies.
  • Extensive experience handling food products liability claims for restaurant chains.
  • Total loss fires as well as a wide range of liability claims.



John Cherrie Director of Technical Services
cherrie@idirect.com: 416-737-7525

John Cherrie is an Executive Adjuster with over 46 years experience in insurance claims adjusting. John is a specialist in heavy commercial, liability and environmental losses. He has extensive experience in major property claims, commercial transportation, cargo and rail liability. Extensive involvement internationally with energy and pipeline failures throughout North America and the Caribbean.


Office Address:5501 Tremaine Road SouthR.R. #1Milton, ON L9T 2X5
Cell Phone: 1-416-737-7525

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  • McMaster University – Undergraduate Studies
  • University of Toronto – Business Administration


  • Insurance Institute of Ontario
  • Ontario Truck Association
  • International Association of Arson Investigator (IAAI)
  • Canadian Independent Adjusters Association (CIAA)
  • Ontario Insurance Adjusters Association (OIAA)


  • Handling a full range of commercial/industrial casualty, liability and property losses. Focused towards heavy commercial equipment, property, rail liability, transportation, cargo and environmental impairment claims.
  • Industrial pipeline and environmental contamination claims – a specialty.


  • CN Rail – Derailment and environmental loss at Trout Creek, Ontario – $6,300,000.00
  • Atomic Energy Canada – Extensive radioactive contamination of cargo and commercial premises as a result of an international shipment from Russia involving Atomic Energy Canada – $4,300,000.00
  • Dempsey Fuel Depots – Serious long term nitrate spill and site remediation clean up at Portage La Prairie, Manitoba – $1,700,000.00
  • Kinetic Resource Group – Major PCB spill – Environmental impact, commercial and business interruption exposure – $2,400,000.00
  • CP Rail Train Derailment, Mississauga – Chlorine gas escape – Evacuation assessment environmental impact, commercial and business interruption claims.
  • Eagle Environmental Inc. – Hydrochloric acid spill, Brantford, Ontario. Evacuation of 15,000 people. Involved in controlling equipment damage, business interruption assessments and site clean up remediation on behalf of underwriters – $1,600,000.00
  • Miller Paving – Sulphuric acid spill and major CN Rail Derailment. 25,000 litres sulphuric acid spill exposing watershed. Reserved at $6,000,000.00. Consequential loss and environmental compensation claim exposures.
  • Hagersville Tire Fire – Major environmental contamination. Environmental assessment, environmental impairment liability, exposure of $20,000,000.00
  • RSB Logistics – Radioactive contamination. UF6 – Uranium hexafluoride spill involving the U.S. Defense Department.
  • National Slag – Sulphur contamination of water table. Assessment of residential and commercial exposures $5,700,000.00
  • Ford Motor Company – Chemical contamination of ground water. Business interruption – $6,600,000.00.
  • Ontario Hydro – PCB spill into water table and contamination of farm property – $1,800,000.00.
  • Outboard Motor Corporation – PCB contamination – Trent Canal Water System
  • Petro Canada Refinery – Environmental contamination asbestos – $3,700,000.00.
  • Apache Freight – CN Rail and VIA Rail double derailment. Investigating liability, environmental impairment, extensive property damage and injury exposures – $12,800,000.00.
  • Trans Northern Pipeline – Gasoline pipeline rupture, Nanticoke, ON. Extensive site remediation, residential water quality issue, area evacuation. Reporting to Underwriters at Lloyds and subrogation supervision – $4,800,000.00.
  • Robin Hood Multifoods (Bicks) – Contaminated property/environmental exposure – $5,200,000.00.
  • Falconbridge – Dominion Republic Pipeline Rupture – major environmental impairment. Contaminated Cahania River and Santo Domingo water supply shutdown.
  • Petro Canada – Sour gas well blow-out/salt contamination of aquifer – major site remediation over 6 years – $11,600,000.00.
  • Exxon Mobil – Rupture of 24 inch overland pipeline at Lesser Slave Lake, Manitoba. Site remediation – $18,600,000.00.


Cherrie Griffith have the experience required to handle full scale multi-disciplinary loss investigations. We also are able to apply our knowledge to control losses within the main stream property and casualty markets. Adjusting services are an investment. The payoff is a reduction in liability payouts and paying losses that are reflective of the loss sustained. Investing in a partnership with Cherrie Griffith brings our experience to the table with every claim assignment. Cherrie Griffith have handled losses highlighted as follows:

  • Amalgamation of insurers for a class action suit greater than $15,000,000.00;
  • Property damage commercial fire investigations for losses greater than $7,000,000.00;
  • Control adjusting services provided to marquis construction projects;
  • Investigated US lawsuits for bodily injury claims in excess of $40,000,000.00;
  • Municipal liability claims;
  • Consulted with major Canadian companies for the Listeriosis meat recalls 2008;
  • Product liability claims;
  • Transport trucking collisions and cargo loss investigations;
  • Environmental losses in excess of $18,000.00;
  • Property fire losses including major commercial to arson investigations.