Cherrie Griffith has the experience required to handle full scale multi-disciplinary loss investigations.  We also are able to apply our knowledge to control losses within the main stream property and casualty markets.  Adjusting services are an investment.  The payoff is a reduction in liability payouts and paying losses that are reflective of the loss sustained.  Investing in a partnership with Cherrie Griffith brings our experience to the table with every claim assignment.  Cherrie Griffith has handled losses highlighted as follows:

1. Amalgamation of insurers for a class action suit greater than $15,000,000.00;

2. Property damage commercial fire investigations for losses greater than $7,000,000.00;

3. Control adjusting services provided to marquis construction projects;

4. Investigated US lawsuits for bodily injury claims in excess of $40,000,000.00;

5. Municipal liability claims;

6. Consulted with major Canadian companies for the Listeriosis meat recalls 2008;

7. Product liability claims;

8. Transport trucking collisions and cargo loss investigations;

9. Environmental losses in excess of $18,000.00;

10.  Property fire losses including major commercial to arson investigations.